Friday, April 21, 2006

What Lakers need to do to beat Suns!

It's Laker time again (not Kobe Time)...and these are some of things which are obvious to Laker fan like me. Phil will know at 10000 times better than me on those matchups but if I don't see those adjustments in playoff then I will be pretty disappointed in his abilities. So basically trying to write down the things I feel are important (rather than posting on 100 different sites, 100 different times). - Marion is the key and there is nothing u can do about him. Accept that and shut other down. We have seen this too many times. Some how Marion gets ball inside and then every Laker will try to go in, (same with Nash going in) and nobody protects 3. That's where Suns live (on 3 pointers, they miss some but make most). So even if u give up easy 2 don't feel bad in that u saved 1 point (and hey got chance to score same or more). - Barbosa, House etc guys should be sticked all the time. Don't leave ur assignment player open. When it comes to pick and roll, only Marion and Nash combo does a good job of creating space or mismatch, other players are not that good. So just don't away. We have seen this in regular season, and it was killer for at least 3 times. - Offense will come in from inside presence, so just don't try to jack up the ball to Kobe even if he does want it, needs to be controlled. I think he is better player than thinking and making it one on one competition with Raja Bell. What Mike will thing from his coaching point- He gets credited for Sun's new found offense and that's true but what people don't realize is that this team lives and dies with strides. U control their 3-4 three pointers in first quarters and they start missing them. There is nothing much he can do in terms of designing play. Fast break is key for them. Get them out of tempo and don't forget basics of not leaving 3 point shooter open and we should be fine. If we start to do that (which sometime is done by Kobe...Leaving Bell open for inside man) then they come back in a 4 mins. U can play good defense in 3 quarters and sit on 20 point lead but still Suns can make a comeback. I just wish that Phil will make these adjustments and Steve Nash is not best player and we have seen that he tried to take on himself once other Suns start poor shooting and that's the point when we know that we have a game. Go Lakers...


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hey I like ur analytical style. Good to read. Keep it up.

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