Thursday, January 17, 2008

After Bynum

So they say Phil Jackson is so great making adjustments that's why he has six rings. We have seen him making exact adjustments against suns last to last year. We have seen him keeping players in game and letting them figure out of adversity but this is the best test we are going to watch for Phil. I believe right now Laker's need to play small ball. Either that or they sign Chris Webber. I don't see both happening. Webber though can not play defense is at least smart. With him and Kwame in middle defense is not going to be that loose. More important, offense is going to be easy as it was with Andrew. He will be best reserve bet for Lakers in playoff. But this is all if he signs with Lakers. Small Ball: We have good shooters. Farmar and Sasha both shoot around 50% from 3 and given we can use Kobe we got a real good shot of using them. Lamar really works on rebounds and we should by now understand that he is not effective beyond that 3 point line. He is good around rim. So here is the way offense could play.
  • Lamar play around rim, get the ball get the second chance points if possible. (PF)
  • Kobe plays small forward no shooting guard
  • Sasha/Jorden/Fishy/Java play SG/PG (Sasha/Java at SG and Fishy/Farmar at PG)
  • Luke can be used depending on mismatch. He is slow and playing him against Phoenix with so many mins is just mistake. He is not at all athletic. Good basketball IQ though, In half court game does get dominated by likes of Kenny Thomas or Diaw basically physical small forwards or athletic point guard kind of games.
  • Ariza is really good back up, lock up forward who is offensive liability. The reason he was getting easy scoring opportunities was presence of Andrew inside. With Webber that can open up again.
  • Kwame plays center when we require defense on dominant center not athletic like Amare but once like Yao or Shaq etc. Otherwise we bring in Webber if not signed then use Ronny with Lamar is enough.
  • Basically First unit and second unit should be broken. We need offense on both units and first unit is going to struggle without Drew and second unit can not start with bit up forward like Ronny. They need fresh legs player not only guards.
The sooner Phil makes these adjustments easier life will be. I know this unit without Andrew being dominant has played last season until Jan and played very good. They can get back to that. We have an upgrade in Fishy now too. But remember they played this style until now, suddenly they are not going to change and are going to struggle making this change. Plus we have high playoff teams on schedule with that monster road trip. We just need to be 0.5 team (from now) until mid march to make 5th seed. But sooner Phil makes these adjustments the better life would be and lower wear and tear would be. Lets hope we Laker fans that suffereing will not go for long.....

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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Mr. Pawar please

Here is your chance Mr.Pawar to create your national image. Just recall Indian cricket team from their current Aus tour. This is matter of national pride. One country which owns this sport of cricket and another like ours who own the money for it. Just recall, make ICC pay for this. If they fine BCCI, Just walk out. We will see how ICC makes the revenue without us in that game. With our national league we are enough to pull that revenue by playing Indian stars. I will write more on this but please Mr.Pawar do this. Just recall Indian Team from current tour. This is will make wonder for your political image. If anyone wants to know about this topic, Google india -Aus cricket test match. Man, how many mistakes a umpire (referee) can make when he has chance to make max of 40 mistakes in 5 days and he makes 6 and that too only on one side. Then Aussie bloggers come out in his support. This is really worth watching how Aussie media keeps supporting the umpire who is above his age of umpiring.

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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Lakers state

I was so pumped up for the last weekend Laker's Celtics match that I could not wait for sunday evening even if it's end of my weekend. I monitored whole match on chat boards, Score board etc. I could imagine where shot was happening etc. Man, that played out bad. I imagined that Lakers would put Kobe on Paul and Lamar would guard KG, Allen would be guarded by Ariza. I still don't know why they sucked so bad... From comments i think it was something like this. Bad shooting night starting everything else. For me it was the run they made in the end of third quarter (6 points spread to 16 points) and fourth quarter. On right side you can see Bynum handling Perkins last year, now today he is giving up because Garnett is there. I just don't get it. Is Perkins better so much in 10 months , I don't think so. Hopefully they will learn from this. I know they are not elite yet, but they can be. Given talent of Kobe (which he is not using much these days) and rest of the Lakers they can hang around for 5th spot and get in second round. After that I really feel that Kobe would not let them loose. Anyways, Let's keep checking again since it was just 31st game of the season. Most of their test are on that 9 game road trip.


Business Model

The new discussion this morning is about business model (its about twitter but let's make it more generic). Running a startup myself, I find this too appealing when they say, Today startup business model is not about scaling and not making money. Example is Google, Facebook, Youtube all these companies did not have revenue figured out when they started. They provided something people like and use and they build on that mass. Once you hit a 10 MM page views per month now you can talk about revenue. I disagree. At least not in mobile space where every sms is going to cost even if you are successful in lowering their cost. Out of topic (Yup i am that unstable in my mind to change the subject.. ) Currently i am pondering about different startup ideas besides the one i am in right now. I think in general sports and comments market is huge. Just huge. Since all the content providers has upgraded (ESPN, NYTimes etc) their infrastructure to allow comments its becoming a huge inflow of them. It is also difficult to manage all of them with different password and log in rules. People are also using them as chat sessions, where you respond to one comment go away see who responded to your comment come back again and respond. Let's talk about this idea some other time.

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Back to blogging

The reason i started blogging in first place was to improve my writing ability. Basically pen down the thoughts in serial order, easy to understand and then express them in correct grammar. Problem is that I am pretty much against communication of any sort. It's really tough for me these days to reply a few emails a month (considering no. of friends i have). Not that I don't want to communicate but it's pretty lengthy to write reply etc. This year, getting various comments on my writing ability i have decided to start blogging again. This time more with purpose, so it may not be all that fun for a while but hopefully practice will make it fun. Some of things i am going to post about:
  • Business
  • Sports (Lakers mainly, on side New England Patriots)
  • Some pics (Yes pics straight from my phone camera)
  • Entertainment
  • My time pass thoughts.
So for new year, I am watching everyone posting their wish list on technology, here is mine. May be things below exist right now but again I am not first adopter or tech nerd to go search for them unless its really a pain for me so if they exist let me know.
  1. A RSS reader which can sort the post based on tags: I know the tags with blog from a long time but I still have not searched for how to set my google reader to show me the posts from one author with certain tags only. Classic example is Fred Wilson's blog. I really don't want to read his family matters or his fav band. I just care about his business thoughts. But i don't know how to sort this incoming RSS blog feeds.
  2. A financial management online service which will let me analyze my data, give me right offers from vendors and kind of like my personal dash board. I like the start but its way behind i thought 2 years ago (Still). I think basic flaw is collecting data online through service and then getting offers from vendors directly. Basic aim is easy for me to figure out if i need to take $1000 on credit which of my credit cards offer i should choose considering payback i want to make, what are my returns on my current investment including 401k etc and assist me every short financial decision. I really need this service. I know there is something called calculator is out there but i need this one because i am lazy.
  3. A text to audio online converter. I know the exist but in it's simple form so I can convert the posts i want to read into audio and listen to them on my way to work.
  4. Easy javascript and AJAX based composer which will make code writing and creating online templates easy.
Hopefully this is it.


Sunday, May 20, 2007

411 Problem

In Sept 2005 I traveled to beautiful Shasta Lake for long weekend. We rented a boat there and three days of non stop fun. One incidence i remember at that time was we were searching for Denny's at 9 or 10 in night at Reddigs, CA. I tried to call 411 and they could not tell me which one is near they just told me there 4 of them in Reddings area. I had no clue which one could be near since I just had normal map and finding streets was impossible (at least for me) in that map. I tried to use Google on my phone to find out the data but it was stupid of me. Basically every information provider out there has required data but missing piece was where am I. I can not just get out and get zip code. I know that GPS was the answer, but hey what If I don't want to pay $10 every month just because i need Denny's once every 3 months at some place I don't know of. The real answer is triangulation data availability. This is very great area and so little has been done here. We have one missing piece of data and if we can get that then ton of data is available rest of the way. I thought getting this data could be a feature but we really want it to be free of cost. I believe this is real mobile advertising based on physical location. So far, after Sept 2005, I know of 10-15 different companies who tried to create 411 solutions. Each one of them on average raised about $10 million. None attempted the solution on this track. If anyone knows about a company which gets triangulation , then please let me know. Update: Reason I remembered this is because i am going there again next weekend. Will post pics soon (this time for sure).

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Friday, September 08, 2006

Hrishi Demo

This is Hrishi This is first time I am showing Hrishi how to use blog. Hopefully he will be a great blogger one day. Just like everything else, this is new thing for him in America. According to him this is kind of stupid as there is no difference between a blog and Geocities webpage. Rather he would geocities. I dont know what he thinks of myspace but he is active user of Orkut.

Monday, August 07, 2006


I came across this great quiz on web 2.0 company names. Results have nice categories. Specially for Techcrunch author. I was struggling to find a name for the web domain i wanted to register. Finally, I have one now. I am still not sure if I want to build on that but it still beats all of the listed names.