Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Back to blogging

The reason i started blogging in first place was to improve my writing ability. Basically pen down the thoughts in serial order, easy to understand and then express them in correct grammar. Problem is that I am pretty much against communication of any sort. It's really tough for me these days to reply a few emails a month (considering no. of friends i have). Not that I don't want to communicate but it's pretty lengthy to write reply etc. This year, getting various comments on my writing ability i have decided to start blogging again. This time more with purpose, so it may not be all that fun for a while but hopefully practice will make it fun. Some of things i am going to post about:
  • Business
  • Sports (Lakers mainly, on side New England Patriots)
  • Some pics (Yes pics straight from my phone camera)
  • Entertainment
  • My time pass thoughts.
So for new year, I am watching everyone posting their wish list on technology, here is mine. May be things below exist right now but again I am not first adopter or tech nerd to go search for them unless its really a pain for me so if they exist let me know.
  1. A RSS reader which can sort the post based on tags: I know the tags with blog from a long time but I still have not searched for how to set my google reader to show me the posts from one author with certain tags only. Classic example is Fred Wilson's blog. I really don't want to read his family matters or his fav band. I just care about his business thoughts. But i don't know how to sort this incoming RSS blog feeds.
  2. A financial management online service which will let me analyze my data, give me right offers from vendors and kind of like my personal dash board. I like the Mint.com start but its way behind i thought 2 years ago (Still). I think basic flaw is collecting data online through service and then getting offers from vendors directly. Basic aim is easy for me to figure out if i need to take $1000 on credit which of my credit cards offer i should choose considering payback i want to make, what are my returns on my current investment including 401k etc and assist me every short financial decision. I really need this service. I know there is something called calculator is out there but i need this one because i am lazy.
  3. A text to audio online converter. I know the exist but in it's simple form so I can convert the posts i want to read into audio and listen to them on my way to work.
  4. Easy javascript and AJAX based composer which will make code writing and creating online templates easy.
Hopefully this is it.



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