Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Business Model

The new discussion this morning is about business model (its about twitter but let's make it more generic). Running a startup myself, I find this too appealing when they say, Today startup business model is not about scaling and not making money. Example is Google, Facebook, Youtube all these companies did not have revenue figured out when they started. They provided something people like and use and they build on that mass. Once you hit a 10 MM page views per month now you can talk about revenue. I disagree. At least not in mobile space where every sms is going to cost even if you are successful in lowering their cost. Out of topic (Yup i am that unstable in my mind to change the subject.. ) Currently i am pondering about different startup ideas besides the one i am in right now. I think in general sports and comments market is huge. Just huge. Since all the content providers has upgraded (ESPN, NYTimes etc) their infrastructure to allow comments its becoming a huge inflow of them. It is also difficult to manage all of them with different password and log in rules. People are also using them as chat sessions, where you respond to one comment go away see who responded to your comment come back again and respond. Let's talk about this idea some other time.

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Hi there!

Search something on Blue Ocean Strategy & Red Ocean Strategy. Many books are available. This may give ANS to your dilemma about whther to think about revenues while starting business. Read the book written by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne

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