Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Lakers state

I was so pumped up for the last weekend Laker's Celtics match that I could not wait for sunday evening even if it's end of my weekend. I monitored whole match on chat boards, Score board etc. I could imagine where shot was happening etc. Man, that played out bad. I imagined that Lakers would put Kobe on Paul and Lamar would guard KG, Allen would be guarded by Ariza. I still don't know why they sucked so bad... From comments i think it was something like this. Bad shooting night starting everything else. For me it was the run they made in the end of third quarter (6 points spread to 16 points) and fourth quarter. On right side you can see Bynum handling Perkins last year, now today he is giving up because Garnett is there. I just don't get it. Is Perkins better so much in 10 months , I don't think so. Hopefully they will learn from this. I know they are not elite yet, but they can be. Given talent of Kobe (which he is not using much these days) and rest of the Lakers they can hang around for 5th spot and get in second round. After that I really feel that Kobe would not let them loose. Anyways, Let's keep checking again since it was just 31st game of the season. Most of their test are on that 9 game road trip.



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