Thursday, January 17, 2008

After Bynum

So they say Phil Jackson is so great making adjustments that's why he has six rings. We have seen him making exact adjustments against suns last to last year. We have seen him keeping players in game and letting them figure out of adversity but this is the best test we are going to watch for Phil. I believe right now Laker's need to play small ball. Either that or they sign Chris Webber. I don't see both happening. Webber though can not play defense is at least smart. With him and Kwame in middle defense is not going to be that loose. More important, offense is going to be easy as it was with Andrew. He will be best reserve bet for Lakers in playoff. But this is all if he signs with Lakers. Small Ball: We have good shooters. Farmar and Sasha both shoot around 50% from 3 and given we can use Kobe we got a real good shot of using them. Lamar really works on rebounds and we should by now understand that he is not effective beyond that 3 point line. He is good around rim. So here is the way offense could play.
  • Lamar play around rim, get the ball get the second chance points if possible. (PF)
  • Kobe plays small forward no shooting guard
  • Sasha/Jorden/Fishy/Java play SG/PG (Sasha/Java at SG and Fishy/Farmar at PG)
  • Luke can be used depending on mismatch. He is slow and playing him against Phoenix with so many mins is just mistake. He is not at all athletic. Good basketball IQ though, In half court game does get dominated by likes of Kenny Thomas or Diaw basically physical small forwards or athletic point guard kind of games.
  • Ariza is really good back up, lock up forward who is offensive liability. The reason he was getting easy scoring opportunities was presence of Andrew inside. With Webber that can open up again.
  • Kwame plays center when we require defense on dominant center not athletic like Amare but once like Yao or Shaq etc. Otherwise we bring in Webber if not signed then use Ronny with Lamar is enough.
  • Basically First unit and second unit should be broken. We need offense on both units and first unit is going to struggle without Drew and second unit can not start with bit up forward like Ronny. They need fresh legs player not only guards.
The sooner Phil makes these adjustments easier life will be. I know this unit without Andrew being dominant has played last season until Jan and played very good. They can get back to that. We have an upgrade in Fishy now too. But remember they played this style until now, suddenly they are not going to change and are going to struggle making this change. Plus we have high playoff teams on schedule with that monster road trip. We just need to be 0.5 team (from now) until mid march to make 5th seed. But sooner Phil makes these adjustments the better life would be and lower wear and tear would be. Lets hope we Laker fans that suffereing will not go for long.....

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