Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Web 3.0 Discussion!

There is new discussion started by Mark Cuban. According to him, blog will provide customized search results for people, so when one wants to see the search results according to his view, they can find it. This is what he is calling as web 3.0. I certainly disagree. Web 2.0 itself is based on the concept of social collaboration (whatever u call it aggregating etc) , so u can certainly do that by watching views from one angle. Whole search experience in terms of news or search is gone deteriorate since people are cracking page rank algorithms and we can certainly experiment that with google.
So what will be web 3.0 when we are in this tide of 2.0, will be repetition of history of transaction from 1.0 to 2.0. Or something big different. There is interesting pod cast in Venture week, about search experience, prediction of 2006. The guys discuss there, the notion of attention data vs private data and need of attention data to customize the things. So I think we are gone rapid increase in attention data aware software in whole 2.0 era. The interesting thing which will come and collaborate in 3.0 will be availability of this data according to need anytime, anywhere without hassle or money. So it could be smart GPS who remembers every attraction point, your actual refrigerator remembering ur beer chill temp and time when u want to have it (simple thing, but that is communicated to refrigerator through Tivo). U getting customized advertisement on bill boards, the one u want to see. Basically every part of life can be connected seamlessly. The main problem today is that even if such technologies are available, they don't talk to each other. They don't share data, there is no personnel data repository where each of my action is recorded, made sense of and then communicated to required device. What we are talking here, is 24*7 helper without effort on human. The same thing will switch on fav radio station, will remind me of Lakers match, get new green day songs on that. Interesting pod casts, i don't have to transfer my lists, from one place to other don't need this data sharing personally. In simple, its like a address book, every other device can read it and then take inputs for itself. AND all this without COSTING me anything.
Just smart and simple world. I guess, these devices talking and sharing is not big deal just need to do that, without putting pricey tag on it so application can achieve more adaptability.
So I guess I am starting to analyze what will be big thing for next 10 yrs. (My main question when I am writing blog, watch on right side).

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Sting operations!

This is the highlight of Indian news now a days. ( Apart from Saurav not being Indian team). I am not sure why do we require these operations to tell us that these maps or for that matter politicians are corrupt. I learned basic civics in childhood, but nobody answered me the simple economics question in that. When I have spending limit of may be say 10 lake rupees for a single election, then I officially spent that much (remember its official basic figure we are not talking about any non visible stuff), then after 5 yrs of my job (which we are not sure will last) I am not going to recover that much money. So for example if I put in 10 lkh upfront considering that I will get 8% on that amount in open market, what I get in return as MP is 20,000 per month. Then additional facilities such as air-fare and some administration rights. So my total for 5 York is 12.5 lakhs. Where as my original amount would be now 20 lkh after 5 yrs. I am loosing 7.5 lakh Rs over 5 yrs. Why would I want to be a MP then ? For public service, no matter how Nobel soul i am, i can't spend that much to do public service, that is not good way considering various risk factors. Plus every party has party expenses as conducting their meetings in some location (I would not make fun by saying in 5 star hotels since these parties are like corporations they have to run it nice way no matter what). So basically parties need money to run, MPs need to recover their basic expenses, and though we know that whole system is corrupt we should first modify basic premises around that. Then we can even hangup the MPs which are caught in this kind of operation. There is no point in saying these are criminals etc since they proved that they have skills to manage public portfolio not you and me. I think this applies to every other democratic political system.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

First basketball match!

It is ironic, considering, a huge professional sports fan I am, but this is the first live basketball match i have seen. It was kind of boring as Nevada was on top from start.