Monday, November 21, 2005

Search Engine!

Check out this search engine, It has nothing but some metadata programmed for Yahoo and Google.
They just sold it on Ebay for $100,000.00
I think these kind of things do show that tech party is starting again. Hopefully they have something more which i dont know of. 

Thursday, November 17, 2005

My Pic

MSNBC posted my pic (according to Mary). She came running to show me that.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Books and Movies!

I left the habit of mentioning movies, and books I came across recently. Will start this again. Book: The Search Tipping Point Usually I m not great on books since I get very bored by reading for hours. But I m very good with blogs. I try to keep myself upto date with blogs. But may be because of excessive blog reading I m also starting to read books. In between, I will post the review on The search, a great book. Movies: Jarhead A very good and exact movie (except burning oil fields). Listening: Every other podcast on business and counting crows or something (courtsy: My car pool partner Manjula)

Monday, November 14, 2005

Some Interesting facts!

I have started to use the Adsense on my blog which introduced me to so many new facts and questions. Browsers: It has been great problem for browser to add the feeds. Neither firefox nor IE does a great job on them. I tried flicker it was good for blogging but not good feeds (or I did not understand it), Today I m trying this new browser which has IE base (which means all my IE related applications work here so as international script papers based on IE such as esakal). The name of browser is Maxthon. Created by some people, I guess it runs on donations. The best part is that it has all features of IE with required additional such as RSS handling, tab, blockers etc. Check it out yourself at Maxthon. Another interesting fact, I was always wondering why google did not buy Firefox or at least some connections. Turns out, there is connection, google pays you if you put firefox icon on your site, and people actually install it on their machine. Also google is default page for firefox. Blogger: There are several deficiencies in blocker tool here and I like what Typepad has at their site. But since it is paid, I am not going to subscribe it, I wonder why google can't make these features here at blogger and not after next 6 months but NOW. Google Ads Browsers like these have inherent capability to block the google ads. This is amazing and also warning how people can stop google business. For example if you open my blog in this browser you wont see the google ad which is normally displayed in other browsers.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Some New things!

This is gone be some personal stuff. It has been long time since my struggling Pune days, when I found my first assignment in IOTA. It did not last more than week i guess but the major reason for me to be in that company was Mr.Chitale. Now how come i remember this suddenly. The story behind is Rahul Didwani was in Reno visiting me. When we were going around Tahoe and parties, I asked him about his journey after graduation. He told me the story of how he joined Tata-Honeywell. Now I remember someone from the same company and it was Harshwardhan Chitale. He was the only guy I knew because of Mr.Chitale being neighbour at Vedant Gruhkul. I asked him how Harsh is doing and to my amazement, he told me that Harsh has become CEO of Honeywell Automation India Ltd. (formally Tata-Honeywell) and looking after a business of Rs.150 cores per quarter. I remember when I meet Harsh he was into business from 3-4 yrs. He is mostly 5-7 yrs older than me and great guy to talk to. He was Strategy and Business director of that business at that time. That was one of my ideal dream job at that time so I was pretty much impressed. Then after doing some look up on him on Google i found that he was attendee at Tata Administrative Services right after college from Delhi IIT. I did not know that major company in India such as Tata's have such facility. GE has same kind of base in Crotonville. Looking at these companies, I find lot of similarities. Anyway, rather than moving away from main topic, it was very aspiring to see some one so near by achieving such a high post in corporate world. We have seen lot of people around us, who became carodpati's in short amount of time while starting with nothing. We hang around with these people but still they are older generation to us. Each one of them did something related with political connections. This is first example I found who achieved so much in corporate world.
Some experimentation: I m trying google Ad-sense first time on my blog. I will also try to flicker and RSS things for the blog. Currently I got feedburner feed for this one, just need to put link. If any of you have been following in Internet industry, there is this new thing called Web-2.0. Currently I am listening a lot on that. I will put down story on that soon. This time I am sending the email to some of you lazy readers so that you don't have to go online to check the blog. I was also checking back on when I started to write the blog, I guess it was in 2003 when I was updating one web page called "Daily Update". Blog just made a simple tool available to do this. So basically blogging is nothing new, anyway I don't want to incorporate my web2.0 post here.