Friday, August 27, 2004

Packed, Ready to go!

Packed, Ready to go: When you are getting ready for long international flight then you feel like you have lot to do. But in reality you don’t if you are not going to country for the first time. Besides making sure that I have all the documentation needed to return back to USA there is nothing else to do. Packing clothes is easiest part. You just need to put clothes inside bag when you are going to India. Rest of the things are taken care by Mom. This time I was much more pressurized with shopping. Everybody wants something for them and I was not sure where I am going to get the best deal around. Plus to make the matter really worse, people list their demand in general so you have to go and choose. Sometimes you don’t really understand what they wanted and it makes both sides upset. I was put in same situation. But fortunately this time everyone cancelled the items as time progressed. So I end up buying three or four things only. Air travel is sometime quite boring but with this new laptop and IPod it is quite good uptil now. You start on a small plane. People are boring there. But I hope the people on long journey will be good. A short drink also helps you to feel good. I was not sure what I was going to do and feeling like sleepy but then I saw this power point and thought I can use this time to write and watch something fun. This is the reason I am writing it now. Now about some serious blogs, last time I was explaining the things going around the blog world. But it is not constrained to the simple people explaining the things in their short and limited life. Couple of big company executives also write something on company discussion forum. It might be for investors to make them comfortable with the direction company is heading. Or it might be to communicate with the users who believe in the company. The couple of examples are Shai Agasi (SAP), Mark Cuban (HDTV) – actually these are the one I read and never thought of others. I think it is also true for the Indian software giants like infosys and wipro. This type of communication makes it easy on the part of the company saving some money to get interviews published for big executives. Leave the boring purpose, but interesting thing is that you feel like you are one of the board members for the company. Something on India trip: I am really looking forward to this trip. Though are some worries in my mind which make me think that this trip will not be interesting but the positive side has huge margin. I hope I am not going to spend some boring time. I will write rest of the part in Hongkong where, I am thinking of taking a little tour. I am not sure how I will manage the time which will be at max four hours. Hong Kong airport: Just sitting at hong kong airport.first about typical desi attitude. We always complain about desi’s ignoring other desi. One of my friend describes this desi attitude very well. It has look saying “you are following me here too”.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Kerry and Edwards

Look at the following picture. Left side is John Kerry who is presidential candidate for democrats and other is John Edwards who is running mate for Kerry for vice presidential post. They were running in primary against each other. You will be amazed what Edwards said previously to Kerry and what he is saying now about Kerry. I think this picture reflects what Edwards was saying before. This picture is available on Kerry's official election website. .

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Go Blogging!

From last two days I was craving to write here. Craving is correct word as I had lot of thoughts and subjects going through mind. Particularly after giving long speech on blogging to Manish I thought I should restart it. I got idea of blogging when I was preparing for GMAT. Then I screwed exam and stopped doing writing. Currently there are literally thousands of bloggers out there. Purpose of blogging can be anything. For some people it is way of writing their dairy. Before, people were too sensitive about the privacy of their diary but now they keep it open on internet. For example, if you click "next blog" button at the right corner of the screen you will find some random guy or girl writing about his/her day. You have no clue about it but certainly interesting to read about the life of other people. I read some student blogs. They are putting up thoughts on their interests (car, music, science etc). This is becoming big business in USA. I think every major website which offers free public services offer blogging facility. I like to read some blogs but what I like most is checking out random blogs. It gives so many things you never expect. I was reading a blog on indiatimes, the guy posts various news or comic news around the world. It had funny story about how government is going to collect data about you and then sell it to private companies. So the next thing you know, A pizza guy is giving you advice on which pizza suits your diet and what is balance on your ATM account. Another one was a struggling director talking about the way location of a short film is selected. Another big thing for me is to be particular about spellings and grammar. I know I am weak in that area. Few subjects I was thinking of writing on, - Remember the titans ( A film on community integration using Football (American off course)) - New media companies (HDTV, Microsoft's 24 Hr TV channel). - Rain in Reno and weather around - Book (Former IBM CEO ) I am reading from ages - My new iPod and in general Music player along with my hobbies - Normal confusion while purchasing a car. I think these subjects should keep me busy for coming week, especially with lot of time on hand on 36 hr flight.

Sunday, August 01, 2004


Just remembered him on his Bday!