Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Trying Flock

I m still not sure how i will drop the image in this one, which is being big problem for blogging.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

US infrastructure!

I am thinking about this particular post from a longtime. Currently I m doing lot of research in bay area startups. Their situation in golden yrs of 2000 and now. The current buzz about funding new startups. This is what I have read, listen (some really good podcasts out there) and watched. - There are few good VC funds out there and what ever they fund, other try to copy it. - There are new people coming in VC sector which are getting money through hedge funds and other media VC funds are new gold mine after the success of google. - There are really some cool ideas out there which failed because of low penetration of internet and broadband which could work right now. - There are some new buzz words out there called "Web 2.0", WAP services. People are throwing ideas like crazy. I am not great visionary and I failed to judge, why and how this social networking sites will earn money. Then I heard interview of CEO interview. He was great explaining the phenomena. Then I researched some more and found that there are at least 20 companies out there which are getting funds on these sectors. And then one blog post, (Which I forgot to bookmark so I can't give the link) which explained why these all sites could fail. Anyway, I don't want to put this post as summer of my reading and then reading between the lines so I will update it later.