Thursday, September 02, 2004

India catching up!

These are some old posts I stored on laptop. Just posting them late without editing so there might be some mistakes. Things are written in flow. India catching up: India is all around me so the feeling grows. Really I am feeling those typical Indian conditions. Today there was no electricity for 5-6 hrs. This is common from last 4 days. The problem is that you can not switch on mosquito repellent unless there is electricity and these mosquitoes make your life hell. They are biting me right now. But I was normal to this condition before. I don’t know why I am finding it so difficult now. This transformation in me is taking its time but it is surely happening. I am still not American. The man habituated of the systems. First time I freaked out watching traffic. No rules, cows and anyone can come in between, you blow horn, they don’t move and then you curse them, this was common practice for me. This time it was more difficult to find these things. I think the traffic situation is becoming worse but as this change is slow people are not noticing it. As a visitor after long time, I am feeling that. People are totally in your life here. Until this moment I have meet 3 old grandmas whom I did not recognize, but they are asking me to stay here and get married as soon as possible. This is kind of situation shown in Roja, a village with lot of buddies. Mom makes it compulsory for me to meet and greet each one of them. Then there is big discussion on every aspect of life. It may be politics, it may be cricket but people love to discuss things. I have been presenting my opinions on American society very confidently. Sometimes I am not sure of the situation but still you have to create and move your opinion otherwise you soon become crowd, listening some fool expressing his thoughts or in his language “visionary” thoughts on situation. Being with Mukund mama in my journey from Abad to Nanded, I had lot of time on hand to discuss agro business in country. He was talking about the returns as minimum as 14% and maximum as 100%. When I calculated the whole economics I found it to be near 18% on average. The big hurdle lies in the risk factors agro business faces.