Monday, May 23, 2005

Some Promising areas for Business!

Here are some of the world wide known facts. - North America, Europe and some parts of Asia are aging. - South Asian countries are hungry for energy. Specially India and China are gone be facing this as tough problem ( energy in terms of power and oil). - Africa is new source for oil and most promising with stocks unexplored. - Every major communication source is gone go on path of being dirt cheap eliminating need for physical travel, unless do it for pleasure. (May be it is reality right now but still long way from what I am trying to say here). - No govt in developed countries can afford to keep control on supply-demand on any commodity. If they try to do so, they will face larger consequences and the market will be survival of fittest after a while. So with this summary of known facts, which business I think will be more promising ? Everyone has their own conclusions, so do I. From so last couple of months, I am trying to explore opinions by reading different articles, talking to various people, reading parts of some books. By the way, I found a very good book which was describing what will be big thing for next 10 years. If you read on my profile it has the same question. "What will be the big thing for next 10 years ?". Next post I will put the name and author of the book. But without that book, I think I can find out that new area and prove it statistically that the area I have described will gain maximum benefits. So let's go through the one by one on each of the fact and the impact on the business progressing in that region, production sources and feasible sections to start with.