Wednesday, December 15, 2004

GE's Result!

Check out the results from GE. I have never seen such detailed analysis from a global company before. It's not a praise exactly, but my first experience reading business plans through CEO presentation. Anyways, Check out the report and be amazed how big is the company, I am know I am.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

9th Dec

This day, which happens to be my birthday, is killing me from 12th standard. Every year I get some bad decesion news on this day. This year it was time for first strike from corporate culture. I was working on this dream project for a new engineer like me. Project was providing orientation in every field. I was fighting with all the political decesions inside company and was trying to answer the big mantra of SHOW ME MONEY. Yesterday, I made some proposals and got feedback from PLL (product line leader) to go ahead. Today, all of sudden software team decides to pull out of the project sighting other critical quality issues. May be I am making more hype on this one than required and these kind of things are normal in corporations such as ours but this is really making me feel bad. I know that I was not putting my heart out on this project, nor I was making a great contribution, but I was atleast backing a great claim from company, which is the basically followed by everyother product generating company. Now we are gone concentrate more on quality than introducing new products. Come on, we should do that in first place when generating any product. I think it goes as wallgreens ad (which by the way I hate very much) .....but Life is not perfect, thats why we have wallgreens around the corner I was delibarating yesterday, what I am gone do this bday. Think what I want to do next year or cry on why i am growing up or just do nothing and let it pass as every other day. I am still confused about that. I think first thing i need to do in my life is get away with all this confusion in everything. What ever we do, there is reason behind it, we just need to figure out that reason rather than thinking of decesion. That's the new way in software life cycle which applies to life too.