Wednesday, April 27, 2005

American Citizenship

Usually u dont feel that you are citizen of differnt country. At least not where I live. I think US has best policy (since I lived in USA only after India) which allows other nationals to work here. But past few weeks, I have been realizing that, its not your country. They limit your opportunities by forcing you to work for one company, where as I am doing two businesses simultaniously then I have much more potential for growth. Its all about utilizing it, rather than stopping me from doing that they should be happy to add one more company on country map, but "no" they have to stop me. At work too, you will not given preference to visit other countries since for US citizens it will be easy to get approval. And then their racial behaviour at stores at other places. Fortunately I have not come across many of such incidents but two in last 3 weeks were sufficient for me to rethink about what I think. I guess best way to exploit the opportunity should be learned in this case. I have done that in past and executed successfully in VISA matters. I should just go back to that but question then again comes in mind, WHY I HAVE TO DO THIS. Basically, Stop bitching about it and live with it.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Some New songs!

Currently I am listening to music from some new hindi films. Some of them which are really good are, Bose, The forgotten Hero My Brother Nikhil and some good tunes on Dil Mange More, relesed long ago and flopped but nice copy of old style music.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Presidential Race 2008!

I was reading a article on India-US relationship on indian express and their I found a google ad for a website on Rice. They also made a blog on Hilary considering that she is going to run in 08. This discussion of running a black in 08 with republicans is going on from a while. Previously Powell was the running candidate. Then after Bush had Rice in his place, now she is more fav candidate. Being a women to fight a women, one thing will be assured that Americans will get their first lady president. But I don't think conservaties on both sides will let that happen. I can understand the Cliton influence in this process but for Republicans, this will be tough to sell. So ruplican primaries will be more interesting to watch than presidential fight. Let's see. If you ask me, I would rather amend the constitution and give former president two more terms so then there will be big fight. Bush Vs. Cliton.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Defending Kobe!

ESPN and everyone out there is taking shot at Kobe for not making playoffs.. Though guy does not need someone to defend him but here is something which those haters should consider.. Shaq: 1) Kobe was the guy who passed last shot to Shaq in 04 all star game which made shaq MVP for that yr otherwise he had same score. 2) He was only guy along with Fisher playing hard defense (yes Malone, Gary played hard too but not consistent), Shaq tried only in third match against pistons, never played defense upto his potencial (like he is playing currently in Maimi)but still got all credit which made Kobe a side stick, he never wanted to become. 3) I will prefer game of a running guard anyday rather than a junky dominating floor, its more enjoyment. But for some people it's more about junky.. 4) Nothing against Shaq, but he made a very good move when he found out that next season is going to difficult for Lakers and he is not going make any more money. Since Lakers put all their money on Kobe and no good effort to put solid players aroud him (Mihim is no center, ya he is good backup). In sense, Kobe failed to bail out himself, rather getting accused of everything, and Shaq mean while made nice move by switching to Miami where rest of the pieces built soild and need a good center. Phil: 1) Plz go through Jackson's book before making comment that Kobe took him out of lakers. The way he praised Kobe for playing his heart out vs. spurs, or their mental war etc. He never said, he wanted Jackson out, frankly the way guy understands game he is not going to get rid of best coach. Some reminders: 1)After 03 season, There was some rift between Shaq and Jackson according to this media (ESPN ediots) and Kobe was the one who stood up for Shaq. 2)Against Spurs in match 5 (the amezing game where Fisher made that shot in 0.4), kobe was so ill that he was unconscious for 1 hr after the game, still played the game with every bit of energy. No player would take such risk, at least i never saw it. So what Lakers are not making playoff: 1) Give Lakers starters and not bench players..look at Mihim, Atkins. These guys never started on playoff teams particularly in West. Odam and Butler are good differnt players than required for system. I will prefer them in team but when you say you need a running team then coach should have that mindset, not you are trying to implement trangle or whatever you call it. 2) Look at Lakers record, before Kobe going on injured list, they were fine. If he would have been healthy, they might have won those 4-5 games they lost by close margin. Where as Shaq who was regualrly missing games in 03 season now playing with 100% without shouting in between match on Pat for more money. 3) Once offense starts to go through other players Lakers are gone do just fine. All those predicters betting that Lakers are lottery bound team for years to come. I can bet they move 3 new good players and put current players on bench (so first time Lakers will have solid bench not Medvendko, they will make conference finals next year, right there with Spurs. (May be exaggaration since Suns will also be there, but way they are playing their starters, I don't know if Suns can hold all of them in good condition next season). I can definately bet on Lakers making playoffs next season if some good moves come along. (Mitch act or leave.) On Kobe's personal matter, I would care less on how he is in his personal domain, whether he rapes or sleeps with other women, at the end of the day, I enjoy game than anything called gossip. If the guy got great play then he has every right to show attitude. Hopefully, Next season they put real running team in Lakers and we can see more good basketball.